OnTrack Health Tracking App

UX Design
Project Overview
OnTrack is a fitness and nutrition tracking app with pre-made programs and recipes to make it easier for individuals to learn about their health and wellness.
My Contributions
I designed an app to make it easier for individuals to track their fitness and nutrition. The app was designed to make the process of tracking and achieving health milestones easier.

This problem was worth solving because of the growing focus on personal health and physical fitness. There are many apps available for this, however I wanted to focus on what would make the process easier for experienced individuals and beginners.
OnTrack Fitness App paper wireframe and high-fidelity wireframes.
Google UX Design
UX Designer
Mar 2021 - Oct 2021

The Problem

Current fitness trackers don’t offer nutrition tracking or other features needed (timers). In addition, the of having a personal trainer can be very high, making access to healthy lifestyles more difficult. Current fitness and food trackers can be very difficult to use.

The Solution

I designed a user friendly fitness app, that allows users to track their nutrition, workouts, and access personal training and fitness instructions. OnTrack in an all in one app for individuals looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Paper wireframes.
Paper wireframes and high-fidelity wireframes.
Product Team
  • UX Designer (myself)
  • Various product roles

Paper Wireframes

Paper wireframes of the app were created to allow for quick and painless iterations of the design. It was key to make the initial tracking of nutrition or fitness at the forefront.

Low Fidelity Designs

The low-fidelity prototype represented the user flow of executing and tracking a fitness routine, and making a meal based on a recipe. This was then used for a usability study with users."

OnTrack Low-Fidelity Prototype

Usability Findings

I conducted two rounds of usability studies. The first study revealed insights to aid in the development of the mockups from the wireframe stage. The second round helped refine the features included in the final mockups for the app.

Round 1 Findings
  • Users like to track their fitness in detail
  • Users want help tracking nutrition
  • Users want an all in one tracking app
Round 2 Findings
  • Users would like a way to manually track fitness and nutrition
  • Users want to set nutrition preferences

High Fidelity Designs

The final high-fidelity prototype streamlined the user flow and tracking process.‍

OnTrack High-Fidelity Prototype

The OnTrack fitness app provides resources and guidance for beginners who are new to health and fitness to easily track programming and nutrition. The app also provides an all-in-one solution for experienced users to manually track their health.

Wireframes and prototype.
Prototype in FIgma.

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