Hannah Kaminski

UX Design & Development
Project Overview
Hannah Kaminski is a Weightlifting & Nutrition Coach providing straight-forward guidance on how to reach your health &fitness goals. We built processes, branding, and designs to launch her coaching business into the online space.
My Contributions
I created a website for Hannah Kaminski that showcases her olympic weightlifting and nutrition coaching programs in order to bring in more clientele and expand her audience reach.

This problem was worth solving because of how deeply impacted the fitness world was by COVID-19. Hannah needed a way to expand her business while working with ongoing industry shutdowns and limited access to in person coaching.
Home page for Hannah's website, built with Webflow.
Hannah Kaminski
UX Designer & Developer
Sept 2020 - Jan 2021

The Problem

With the ever-changing landscape of fitness in a COVID-19 world, Hannah needed a predictable way to grow her business. Clients are struggling to manage gym closures and online training in a consistent way. Hannah wanted to help bridge the gap and share her knowledge with the community.

The Solution

I helped Hannah create a website that allows potential clients to sign up for various different fitness and nutrition packages, and learn more about her offerings.

Branding elements done for website and marketing.
Hannah's website
Product Team
  • Customer/Product Owner
  • UX Designer (myself)
  • Developer (myself)

Research & Development

Through research I developed a user persona that would guide the development of Hannah’s programs and website.

  • Define audience persona
  • Determine needs and objectives
  • Determine pain points

By leveraging user research, and Hannah’s current knowledge, we built tiered packages geared towards the user persona’s pain points and goals.

  • Use audience research to build tiered packages/subscriptions
  • Build processes for clients and stakeholders to follow
  • Develop cohesive graphics and designs

Wireframes & Prototypes

I created branding and strategy for Hannah to be implemented into her business. Wireframes and prototypes were developed to create drafts of the website that could be easily tested and changed before taking the website into development. We determined the navigation, highlighted sections, and key information that needed to be present on each web page.

  • Define brand strategy (mission, tone, USP)
  • Create authentic designs
  • Develop cohesive graphics
  • Create an on brand, clean, and consistent website

Website Development

Webflow was used to develop the designs of Hannah's new coaching website. After Effects and Stripe were used and integrated into the website to make for exiting design, and a seamless user experience.

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