OnTrack Health Tracking App

I designed an app to make it easier for individuals to track their fitness and nutrition. The app was designed to make the process of tracking and achieving health milestones easier.

This problem was worth solving because of the growing focus on personal health and physical fitness. There are many apps available for this, however I wanted to focus on what would make the process easier for experienced individuals and beginners.


6 months (part time)



UX designer


Build an app that allows users to track their nutrition and fitness with ease.

Programs Used


Age: 26

Education: Undergraduate degree

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Family: Boyfriend, 2 dogs

Occupation: Registered nurse

“As a member of the gym, and doing at home workouts
I want to understand of exercises and movements better
So I can adapt my workouts and make better progress”


Through research I developed a user persona that would guide the design of the app OnTrack.

  • Define audience persona
  • Determine needs and objectives
  • Determine pain points

Nicole's Goals

  • To learn more about health and make more informed choices
  • Workout with the same consistency without a PT around
  • To have confidence executing exercises properly, and adapting them when needed

Nicole's Pain Points

  • It’s hard to maintain good accountability without a PT present
  • Juggling various apps like timers and notes throughout the workout
  • Not knowing alternative exercises if the listed one cannot be done

The fitness app will let users track, time, edit, and learn about fitness which will affect Nicole, an active and busy professional by Teaching her about fitness, and providing resources to improve her performance. We will measure performance by reviews and long term use of the app.

Competitor Analysis

We explored other fitness apps and compared their strengths and weaknesses to ensure OnTrack is competitive in the market.

  • Identify direct and indirect competitors
  • Analyze their offerings and websites
  • Compare their strengths & weaknesses
  • Identify gaps & opportunities


  • Provide a timer for workouts that doesn’t disrupt other features, and allows a countdown to get ready
  • Make it easy for users to create an account and change settings
  • Make it connect to Apple watches and other bluetooth tech
  • Make exercises editable
  • Add modifications and alternative exercises
  • Add notes to individual exercise for cues and tips

Wireframes & Low Fidelity Designs

After executing user research via interviews I built wireframes to begin the design process for building the app.

  • Identify key features based on users needs
  • Create a clean and user friendly layout
  • Incorporate features based on gaps & opportunities

High Fidelity Design

After building wireframes I tested the initial designs with a group of users to determine usability and needs. From there I further refined the app design, and determined feature requirements.  

High fidelity mock ups were created with brand colours, typography, an iconography in mind.

  • Organize and refine based on UX design principles like proximity, hierarchy, and emphasis
  • Select colour and fonts based on how I want users to feel when using the app
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Outcomes & Lessons Learned

This project was created for the Google UX Design certification, and is currently still in progress.

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