Deloitte Healthcare Article Series

I worked with various teams to coordinate the publication of multiple health care articles on time and on budget by effectively communicating, tracking, and coordinating with internal stakeholders.

This was worth solving because of the deep impact of COVID-19 and the health sector. It was important to get quality information to market, and inform businesses on how they can adapt to the changing environment.


3-4 months



Project coordinator, marketer

Internal stakeholders

Thought leaders, translation, accessibility, design, editorial


Coordinate the publication of 3 thougware pieces on COVID-19 and the impact on the Life Sciences & Health Care industry

Programs Used


Campaign Kick-Off

Work with the project manager and stakeholders to determine project scope, timeline, budget, and teams involved to bring the campaigns to the market.

  • Review goals of the campaign
  • Define responsibilities

Campaign Coordination

With with various teams to have the thought-ware published and distributed, and report the progress of the project to the manager.

  • Coordinate with editorial, design, digital, accessibility, and translation teams to develop thought-ware; and prepare the items for publication and distribution
  • Create copy for landing pages and email campaigns
  • Track scheduling and budgets for progress reports
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Outcomes & Lessons Learned

In my time at Deloitte I learned a lot about project management and communicating effectively to ensure projects remain on schedule. I learned new and effective ways to track and manage a project that requires working with multiple teams.

Additionally, I developed better time management skills through working various teams across Canada to execute projects.

I developed skills working with programs like CRM and Workfront.

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