REVIVE Performance & Health

UX Design
Project Overview

REVIVE Performance & Health is a Calgary based chiropractic clinic, focused on providing an escape from the every day grind to focus on your health. REVIVE needed a simple and engaging way for users to learn more about chiropractic services and book in with the clinic. Users needed to be able to find information and learn about the services available, staff experience, and insurance details.

My Contributions

I created a website for Jordan & Kirsten Bryson that communicates their desire to redefine what chiropractic care is, and create a community for Calgarians.

This problem was worth solving because of how misunderstood chiropractic care can be. It is often seen it as a back cracking service, as opposed to injury treatment and prevention. Chiropractic care and services allow individuals the freedom to move their bodies as they desire. REVIVE Performance & Health needed to communicate this.

REVIVE Performance & Health
Brand Designer
May 2021 - Sept 2021

Research & Analysis

We began the process by exploring other local clinics, and compared their online experiences. Strengths and weaknesses were evaluated to ensure REVIVE is competitive in the market.

  • Identified direct and indirect competitors
  • Analyzed offerings and websites
  • SWOT analysis
  • Identified gaps and opportunities

Our goals for the REVIVE website were:

  • Create a memorable and easy to navigate website
  • Ensure consistent branding throughout the booking process
  • Use motion graphics and interactions to improve user experience
  • Establish credibility while also being approachable and supportive

Wireframes & Prototypes

Wireframes and prototypes were developed to create drafts of the website that could be easily tested and changed before taking the website into development. We determined the navigation, highlighted sections, and key information that needed to be present on each web page.

Website Development

Webflow was used to develop the live website for REVIVE Performance & Health. The website is built on several static pages, as well as a number of dynamic pages, and CMS libraries. These libraries were used to create staff profiles, service pages, and treatment information. Webflow was also used to create motion graphics and interactions for the website.

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REVIVE Performance & Health

REVIVE Performance & Health

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