Olympic Weightlifting & Nutrition Coach

Hannah Kaminski

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The Problem Defined

Hannah was struggling to establish automated processes in her business, and was in need of professional branding help. Her goal was to scale her business and reach a larger audience by launching her services online and automating her processes.

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Our Solution

We created custom authentic branding to establish Hannah as a competitor in her industry. We developed client personas, user stories, wireframes, and leveraged testimonials to guide the context of her website. Her site was designed in Adobe XD, and developed in Webflow using interactions and motion graphics to create an engaging user experience.

Our Solution includes:
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Content Creation

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Graphic Design

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Credit Card Processing

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Responsive Design

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Interactive Design

No Half-Assing It

"None of my processes were professional. I basically was just struggling with the entire business side of having a business.

Jackie was willing to try new things and continue learning to the benefit of my project. She never claimed to know everything, but if we ran into roadblocks she was always willing to find the answers. There was no half-assing things or making it good enough."

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