Deloitte Healthcare Article Series

UX Design
Project Overview

Deloitte was overwhelmed with the pandemic quickly disrupting businesses and the economy. The Healhcare & Life Sciences group needed to distribute information in a timely matter to help healthcare clients navigate COVID-19.

My Contributions

I provided project management of thought-ware for national healthcare campaigns during COVID-19, including reporting, email marketing campaigns, and CRM data clean up.

I worked with various teams to coordinate the publication of multiple health care articles on time and on budget by effectively communicating, tracking, and coordinating with internal stakeholders.

This was worth solving because of the deep impact of COVID-19 and the health sector. It was important to get quality information to market, and inform businesses on how they can adapt to the changing environment.

Brand Designer
Dec 2019 - Jul 2020

Deloitte was navigating the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and organized a team of marketing specialists to effective execute campaigns, and deliver information to clients quickly. I coordinated internal marketing campaigns and events for regional execution (prairies), and the publication of thoughtware for national campaigns.

  • Delivered multiple weekly COVID-19 webinar reports, tracking lead generation and client participation
  • Worked with business leaders and our customer relationship database team to deliver a weekly email digest to inform clients of upcoming webcasts
  • Coordination of a Life Sciences and Health Care COVID-19 national campaign including:
  • Coordination of email templates, landing pages, articles, and internal communications
  • Tracking of schedule and deadlines to ensure delivery timelines with various teams (translation, AODA, QA, email marketing)
  • Tracking of budget to assist in the management of spending
  • Over 3,000 CRM contacts’ information reviewed and updated
  • Coordination of executing regional assets for national marketing campaigns
  • Experience using programs such as: Workfront, CRM, Zoom, and Skype

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